Public Sector

Shared Temporary Accommodation

When we opened our first scheme in East Ham we wanted to set the standard for shared temporary accommodation. Just because this type of accommodation is classified as emergency accommodation doesn’t mean that poor living conditions can ever be regarded as acceptable even for a short period. Soon word spread that Exodus Housing was the go-to provider for quality. Today our shared accommodation is so highly regarded that Family & Children’s Services of a number of London Boroughs place their clients with us.

Facilities we offer:

  • 24/7 onsite management.
  • Breakfast served every morning.
  • Full kitchen facilities.
  • Designated dining and lounge facilities for guest recreation.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Refrigerator, television and storage in every room.
  • Baby cots.
  • Washing and drying facilities.
  • All our staff are DBS checked.
  • 24-hour CCTV recording.
  • Clean and safe environment.

Self-Contained Temporary Accommodation

We are proud supporters of the Inter-Borough Accommodation Agreement. We will never participate in bidding wars for our properties. Our ethical approach means we work on small margins ensuring our landlords receive a fair rental income and our local authority clients pay no more than fair rates. We can provide properties of all sizes to meet your needs either as Nightly Paid or through a lease/licence agreement. The welfare of your clients is our overriding consideration and this extends not only to the condition of the property but also its suitability in terms of location. All our properties are located close to good transport links and other local amenities.

Services we provide:

  • A reliable and responsive service to your clients - We will arrange to meet your client at the property and carry out a full induction
  • One point of contact to report repairs
  • Carry out all void works and responsive maintenance
  • Ensuring the property is in a lettable standard providing all compliance certificates – Gas, Electrical, EPC
  • Take all reasonable fire and carbon monoxide safety precautions
  • Carry out regular visits reporting back to you on how the property is being treated and any concerns we have regarding the welfare of your clients and their household including children
  • Report any anti-social behaviour, abandoned properties or unauthorised occupancy

Our services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our Public Sector clients. Talk to us about how we can adapt our services to your specific needs including help with discharge of duty, move-on accommodation and households with specific requirements. CONTACT US